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Posted on 2019-09-26 15:35:19

Maintenance on 26 September.

Maintenance on 26 September.


Time 02:30-04:30 on 26 September(EST).


Servers: ALL


Dear players, for a more enjoyable gaming experience, we are going to do a maintenance to all the servers, players won't be able to login then. The mt time is possible to have a little difference depending on the real situation.


Updates contents:

Added Naruto Fourth (cannot use X-Debris upgrade)

VIP package and 1st Top up optimization, add more rewards

Open Sasuke, 8th Gate in Obito Eight Gates, Open JiraiyaSage, 6th Gate in UchihaShisui Eight Gates

Add new exclusive ninja tools

Exclusive ninja optimization, showing who it belongs to

Talent, Mudra Extension

Clan War extension

Downgrading the difficulty of the world's BOSS nine tails 


Thanks a lot for your support! 



Ultimate Ninja Team