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Posted on 2019-04-23 14:17:07

Server Merge

s35-s38, s39-s42 will be merged at 01:00 on 23 Apr

1. After the merge, the original server login will remain, and players can still enter from the previous login.

2. After the merge, the mail will be cleaned, so please claim your mail rewards timely.

3. After the merge, inactive and unpaid characters (the unpaid that have not logged in to the game reaching 30 days and whose team level is lower than lv20) will be cleaned.

4. For the same in-game name, the user of the latter server will automatically get a new name. For example, if there are 2 characters in s1 and s2, both called "King", the system will give an automatical name to the one of s2. After the merge, the players whose name was changed will get 100 gold.

5. After the merge, all the rankings will be re-ranked according to all the characters in the merged server. For example, "Ranking" in the main page, "Ranking of Ninja Trial" and etc.

6. Arena, Ninja King, and Clan War will be back to the initial setting (all is NPC, need to challenge again), players need to be re-ranked by the new challenge.

7. After the merge, players can add all the characters in the merged server as friends.

8. For the x-server features, the merged server will be counted as one server.

9. After the merge, all the characters in the merged server will get a compensation of 1000 gold.

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